Bagan is quite simply one of the most amazing sites in South East Asia. Rivalling, but quite different from Angkor Wat. Where Angkor Wat has a number of very different temples spread wide, Pagan has a more compact but somehow much more serene feel to it. A number of them attract worshippers so they are still revered now and not just tourist attractions like Angkor.

As you will see from the photos, Bagan is a small plain literally strewn with temples of all different shapes and sizes. Cycling past (the best way to get around) and exploring them you can appreciate them individually - the huge glorious temples soaring towards the sky and the small graceful zedis almost engulfed by the undergrowth. However upon climbing one of the temple towers you can then take in the entire scene - temples spreading wide in all directions. Simply amazing. A very special place - especially at sunset when these magnificent buildings take on the warm glow of the dying sun.