sri lanka map

Beaches - of course, Culture - don't miss the Kandyan dancers and colourful processions. Ruins - the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are the most visited but not the only ones. Scenery - the wild jungles and tea plantations of the hill country beckon. Wildlife - Elephants, crocs, all kinds of birds are all easily seen. All this and some great curries will whet your appetites. But you don't need to go there. Sit back and enjoy this personal photographic journey of what the 'resplendant isle' has to offer...


is something that dominates Sri Lanka. Not just because of the recent ethnic conflict but also architecturally. Everywhere are reminders of the ethnix mix. Huge Buddhist monuments like the one below are dotted about the landscape, but also the many churches are a reminder of Portuguese control in the 15th century. Negombo just north of Colombo is known as 'little Rome' because it has so many - including St. Mary's (pictured below).

big buddha St. Mary's cathedral

Some 7% of the population are Muslim - mainly descendants of arab traders. A major place of worship for them is the Jami-Ul Alfar in Colombo (pictured below) built in 1909.

Jami-Ul Alfar mosque

Sri Lanka's Tamils -brought over by the British to work on the tea plantations are mainly Hindhus. Below is a picture of 'tea pluckers' with their temple in the foreground.

tea pluckers

Buddhism has a reputation in the west for being a very peaceful religion. However, many temples are decorated with pictures of hell and what happens to sinners in the afterlife...

buddhist hell


3 on a bike biker

Poetry in motion

Kandyan dancers rugby match knife seller bathtime


Following is a collection from all over the island - Firstly a panorama of Arugam Bay, on the South-East coast.

Below is Negombo, just north of Colombo

negombo beach negombo beach

Nilaveli Beach (below) is in the North East and Tangalle (below right) on the South Coast

Nilavelli beach Tangalle beach at sunset

The Hill Country

Kelburne Tea Estate. Cottage for rent and a great view of the plains below Haputale

Kelbourne Estate, Haputale

Crossing the Mahaweli river - gateway to the hill country and not far from where 'Bridge Over The River Kwai' was filmed.

Colonial traditions

Cricket and the Hill Club, Nuwara Eliya. Sri Lankans have only been admitted to this hotel since the 70s and there is still a male-only bar. Don't forget your jacket and tie for dinner.


Elephants from Pinawella elephant orphanage frolic in the river. Painted storks, an elephant and a crocodile pictured while walking in Bundala National Park. Contrary to first impressions the Elephants are supposed to be far more dangerous than the crocs.