We went to Portugal for three weeks in May 09. Our hols kicked off in Lisbon where we stayed with our friends Jo and Nigel. We enjoyed several days of warm spring sunshine and the highlights included a day at the beach and some tram rides up and down Lisbon's famous hills.

Here's the view from the plane flying over the river Tajo (Tagus) and coming in to land.

landing in Lisbon

As well as the distinctive yellow trams, this is a funicular tram coming up one of the steep hills

Lisbon tram landing in Lisbon
Jackie Jackie and Jo Richard among the Jacarandas

This is a view over Lisbon from St. George's Castle

Baixo Lisbon tram Lisbon tram Lisbon tram

Vasco da Gama monument overlooking the river

Vasco da Gama monument Lisbon Vasco da Gama monument Lisbon

Dinner with Jo and Nigel


Cascais is a charming town on the coast but only 30mins from downtown Lisbon. Popular with Lisbonites and tourists.

cascais cascais Lisbon beach sunday mornign papers