Ho hum

Ho hum

March has remained a somewhat gloomy month overall. We have had both breaks in the rain and workers back on site but we have reluctantly realised that we won’t be moving in next month. We had a long meeting with the builder last week. He seemed to suggest that most things would either get done straightaway or very shortly but that really doesn’t seem to be the case. Two big things have happened though: firstly, the windows and doors have been installed…

This has made a huge difference. The windows were put in first and then perhaps a week later the sliding doors onto the balcony were installed. However, they have still not finished. The outer frames have to be sealed and the two round windows in the roof (which have already been delivered) have not been put in. The same company is also adding doors to Richard’s man cave and that has yet to be done too.

The other big news is we turned up one afternoon to find the railings being put up. We had asked for a gate for the top of the stairs allowing Betty to be outside but not run off and they’d done that. But they’d done it so it opened towards the sliding door, rather than away from it. We can’t then come up the external staircase and open the gate and walk straight into the kitchen without closing the gate first. It’s not a big thing, we need to keep the gate closed anyway. However, one of the workers also pointed out that if the gate was left open it could swing into the sliding door… they are going to do something about that.

What else? There’s been a lot more painting done including the back and front of the man cave. The platform out the back is where Richard will be doing the beer making.

There have been, it must be said, some wonderfully sunny days too. We went to Baiona to celebrate Richard’s birthday. It’s a lovely place and when Betty pops her clogs we will treat ourselves to a stay at the Parador there.

Last Friday we had a barbecue at the house, taking Betty with us. She was more than happy being on the balcony and watching the sheep across the way. We got there not long after 5 and it was too hot to be outside at first. It was also boiling when we went to the antiques fair in Barcelos on Sunday, I wore my sandals for the first time this year. We bought an old brass tap for our water feature.

Meanwhile Storm Nelson is knocking at the door. It’s a shame because the weather forecast for Easter, yet again, is simply awful as it was last year. Back in 2019 we had a trip to Toledo to see the processions there which, alas, were all cancelled because of the downpours. And then again the following two years were also cancelled because of Covid. So since being up in the north, which is the most religious region of Portugal, we have yet to see any here either.

Ho hum indeed.

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